Shipping parcels internationally does not need to be a challenge.

We have developed several solutions that offer the services you should expect in the modern global marketplace, like visibility, speed, and the most efficient customs process.

Standard Parcel

This is the efficient way to ship, providing the balance between speed of delivery and cost. Several options are available, including milestone tracking, a proprietary APG duty-collection payment system, and tiered delivery times.

Preferred Parcel

This is the fastest and most trackable way to ship. By paying duties and taxes upfront, parcels pass right through customs and onto their destination on time. APG provides full visibility through milestone scans and customs clearance.

Express 1-2 days
Standard 3-7 days
Economy (not trackable) 14 days

GDE Services

As an exclusive vendor of the USPS GDE® program, APG is able to offer competitive rates to businesses and consumers with inbound deliveries to the United States.

It begins with a printable USPS label in your country of origin. APG handles the shipment from your hands to the US border, with the final delivery made by the USPS themselves.

This service is trackable.

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