eCommerce Sellers

Many eCommerce companies are successful domestically, but shy away from the global market because of logistical uncertainties.

Whether you have never sold in the global marketplace, or are simply looking for a reliable partner in a specific region, APG will work with you to make the global marketplace your new home.

Where we help:

  • Website optimisation
  • Reliable trackable shipping
  • Simple returns solution
  • Customs clearance management
  • Duty & Tax calculator
  • Marketplace integration

eCommerce Buyers

Shop online to choose from a greater selection of products at local US prices and enjoy full access to all sales.

If you live in Latin America or the Caribbean and want to shop online, take advantage of APG’s all- inclusive and easy to use services. Our eCommerce mailbox service provides our customers a US address to forward their online purchases.

Shopping made easier, this is how:

  1. Register online and obtain your personal account #
  2. Shop online at your favourite stores and ship to your Miami address (see below)
  3. Once your purchases are received in Miami, APG springs into action! 
  4. Your orders are processed and shipped to your destination country. Once cleared, your shipment will be available for pick up at your local office or will be delivered to you as arranged with your local office.
  5. With full online visibility, track your packages each step of the way.

Example shipping:

ADDRESS Line 1: 7950 N.W. 77th Street STE 4
City, State, Zip Code: Miami, FL, 33195-2133
TELEPHONE #: (305) 863-1818

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